Tried, tested, expert

It’s our job to make the R&D Tax Credit claims process as easy as possible for our clients

Our experts

At MPA we have a team of seasoned experts who have deep industry experience. We assign analysts whose background and expertise matches your industry.

  • Chris Brear

    Chris Brear

    Operations Director

    Chris has over 30 years of ‘real life’ experience in the world of IT – including consulting, business analysis, software development and implementation
    services roles.

    This means I can talk the same language as my clients. That’s what really sets MPA apart – we apply our industry expertise to the technical knowledge of the R&D claims process, meaning our clients can be confident of making a successful claim.

    Chris is also an experienced business consultant with a strong record of delivering system improvements across an enterprise: ERP, CRM, accounts, sales, manufacturing, warehouse, distribution.

  • Jo Rouse

    Jo Rouse

    Technical Analyst

    As a scientist with a background in chemistry, Jo has a natural curiosity about the way in which things work, how they interact or coincide and why this happens.

    I have hands-on experience of working in a laboratory environment in both academic and industry settings. This has taught me that nothing is straightforward when taking ideas and theories from laboratory scale through to real life and larger scale situations.

    Being able to identify where there may have been uncertainty is key to my ability to help my clients identify where they are undertaking eligible work.

  • Vic Ulfik

    Vic Ulfik

    Operations Manager

    Vic has worked in R&D with Vauxhall Motors on tool design and manufacture, design integration and testing. Vic then ran a consultancy business, working with leading manufacturers.

    Engineers come to work to solve problems; it’s why we’re engineers. R&D is about looking for solutions to problems.
    As an engineer who has worked in a variety of automotive, manufacturing and design roles I have a deep understanding of the problem-solving process that helps accurately identify the work that will build a successful R&D claim.

    I fully support my clients to enable them to identify all activities to ensure they will receive their maximum entitlement under the scheme. This is done in a friendly, logical and collaborative partnership that gives them the confidence to work with MPA long term.

  • Nigel Urquhart

    Nigel Urquhart

    Technical Analyst

    Nigel uses his experience to make the complex business of assessing claim opportunities clear and simple for his clients. This maximises a company's entitlement and saves them time analysing their projects, tasks and activities.

    I have over 25 years’ experience in high-tech precision engineering and manufacturing, working in global blue chip companies like Lockheed Martin and Rolls-Royce.

    Having worked in senior roles in industry for many years I understand the day to day issues that your business can be exposed to, from the shop floor to the boardroom; and don’t worry, I’m not an accountant!

Why MPA?

2017/18 – Best Year Yet for MPA

Since MPA Group was established in 2007, our mission to make the R&D Tax Credit claims process as easy as possible has seen us grow year-on-year.

Don’t just take our word for it, our results speak for themselves!


My expertise is in business taxation with a particular focus on minimising the exposure to tax both now and over the long term.

Lisa Baum, Senior Tax Specialist

Lisa has over 10 years’ experience working with and advising owner-managed businesses. She has built a breadth of understanding, in both accountancy and tax, across a varied industry sector including engineering, IT & software development, medical, and manufacturing. This gives her a unique perspective on, and an ability to solve, complex tax issues.



We take time to understand our clients and their business priorities first, and then provide the data and analysis they need to make good decisions.

Katie Baker, Accounts Manager

Katie spent 7 years in industry before becoming an Accountant.  This experience shapes her approach and 14 years later she remains focused on ensuring her team delivers services which help clear decision-making, as well as the compliance-related tasks her customers expect.

This focus, matched with clear explanations and regular communication, ensures that MPA’s accounting team is well placed to support its colleagues in the R&D arena, as well as delivering a quality service to its own customers.