A Switch in Time

5th Dimension Tooling Ltd offers a professional tool design and development service to its clients, using the latest CAD/CAM software packages, plus three and five axis CNC machining. Its focus is on constantly improving existing products and processes, and developing the new processes required to meet constantly evolving requirements from the aerospace, automotive and medical markets.

Switching to The MPA Group

With research and development a top priority for its design team, 5th Dimension Tooling has invested in approximately 20 R&D projects each year since the founding of the business in 2009.

Julie Gibbs, Office Manager at 5th Dimension Tooling, comments:

“We were previously claiming with another R&D Tax Credit specialist, that was charging us 30% of our claim entitlement for a service that was only delivered via phone. So, we decided to switch to MPA as their service offering was not only much better value for money, but also involved their specialist advisors getting a lot closer to our business than our previous R&D Tax Credit provider had.

MPA’s technical analyst spent time gathering information and getting under the skin of our business to produce a completely accurate and reliable claim. The depth of knowledge of tool manufacturing and material science that MPA has really paid off for us. We received a much better return, with a 175% uplift in claim value, and for a lower fee than we were previously charged!” 

Speedy service

Due to the time of year that 5th Dimension and MPA began working together, a R&D Tax Credit claim needed to be delivered within a month so the claim could be filed by the deadline of the end of 5th Dimension Tooling’s financial year.

Julie Gibbs adds:

“We were stunned by how quickly MPA worked without compromising the quality or accuracy of the claim. I had previously spent 12 weeks of my own time chasing payment from HMRC, so it was very reassuring to know we were in safe hands and would meet HMRC’s deadline without a hitch, as well as getting our refund in a timely manner without any need to chase.”

Business benefits

R&D Tax Credits are a valuable source of funding for many growing businesses, and can be instrumental in the expansion of a company. For instance, 5th Dimension Tooling has used its R&D Tax Credit claim to offset some of the costs incurred in investing in additional equipment and centralising its operations. This has enabled the firm to offer two new services to customers, setting it on course for increased growth in the future.

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