Using grants and tax credits to develop life-saving software

Launched as a spin-out from the University of Oxford in 2010, Brainomix Limited is a software company with a vision to become a world leader in imaging software to support clinical decision making for neurological and cerebrovascular diseases.

A life-saving solution

The team at Brainomix identified that a lack of timely, available expertise for brain CT scan interpretation can delay stroke patients from accessing life-saving treatments, and has since developed the CE-marked, award-winning stroke imaging software, e-ASPECTS. This supports stroke physicians in fast, consistent diagnosis for ischemic stroke by automatically implementing the validated clinical scoring methodology, Alberta Stroke Programme Early CT Score (ASPECTS). The company aims to continue to help clinicians worldwide, in the timely identification of patients eligible for life saving treatment in stroke.

Expertise & funding: the best of both worlds

Throughout its journey towards commercialisation, the Brainomix team worked closely with clinicians. They pulled upon expertise in the fields of computer science, software engineering and neuroscience to develop advanced image mapping and scoring algorithms for processing non-contrast brain CT scans, in the e-ASPECTS software product.

Eric Greveson, CTO at Brainomix, was impressed by MPA’s knowledge of the R&D tax credits scheme, which enabled a claim to be made for tax credits alongside grant award funding.

I’d been told we couldn’t claim due to grant award funding that we’d received, but thanks to MPA’s knowledge of both the HMRC R&D relief scheme and rules surrounding grant funding we were able to receive a cash benefit. This was particularly useful as all R&D funding is reinvested into the business to further enhance, optimise and develop our products.

Eric Greveson, CTO at Brainomix

Eric was also pleased by the speed at which the first claim was delivered, in order to meet the filing deadline for their 2014 claim. Jo Rouse, Technical Analyst at MPA, worked hard to handle the claim and ensure Eric’s team were free to work on their projects.

I was very happy with MPA’s proactive approach and the fact that Jo got on with managing the claim process perfectly, meaning my team and I could spend our time elsewhere without feeling at all hounded for information.

Eric Greveson, CTO at Brainomix

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