R&D Tax Credits: Not just a numbers exercise

Doc–Works helps its clients reduce cost and improve efficiency. They take the pain out of paper based business processes allowing customers to streamline their current systems to achieve compliance, improve control and reduce costs.

Recently a well known Global document storage business asked Doc-Works to help improve customer service following a major business acquisition. The different core systems of the newly acquired business provided significantly different levels of customer service to clients. Doc-Works were challenged to provide a cost effective solution to harmonise the levels of customer service without visible major system and process changes.

Significant challenges in accessing databases and writing systems integration protocols had to be overcome to produce a solution that looked visually identical with no visible process changes and no user training required. A major win for the client.

Calculating a claim for R&D tax credits is not just a numbers exercise. I'd strongly recommend using MPA because of their knowledge of our business, our sector and our clients. Chris Brear, our MPA analyst, can identify when things like system integration protocols, reducing data search times or building an OLAP database represent an advance or innovation.

I'm 100% sure that our accountant can't.

Barry Clark, Director

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