Partnership pays off

A&J Global Designs is a successful SME employing 10 staff across two manufacturing sites. The company provides specialist and innovative tooling solutions for the automotive sector.

Like the owners of many small businesses, managing director Paul Dean wasn’t initially aware of R&D Tax Credits. However, after hearing about the scheme in 2011 he decided to submit a claim. It was rejected by HMRC.

The MPA approach

MPA’s experts helped Paul resolve the issues, resubmit the claim, and saw the submission through to a successful conclusion. This resulted in a welcome cash injection into the A&J Global Designs business.

It was the start of a long-running partnership that is still going strong today.

“The engineering expertise of its analysts really makes The MPA Group stand out from the competition! They understand the intricacies of the world we operate in, far above and beyond the knowledge of a generalist accountant. MPA’s analysts can easily delve into our business, examine our projects, extract what they need to build a compelling case, and then manage the whole R&D claim process. “As a busy business owner, I only need to spend a short period of time each year with The MPA Group to identify which of our projects are eligible. I then trust them absolutely to progress the claim on my behalf, deal with any issues and secure the funds that help my business grow.”

Paul Dean, managing director, A&J Designs,

Growing better business

Since 2011, The MPA Group has successfully managed annual R&D Tax Credit claims for A&J Global Designs for prototype developments and new process routes. Funds received from the scheme have been re-invested back into the business to enable the purchase of new technology and to support staff training programmes.

Making sure his employees see the tangible benefits of the claims process is important to Paul.

“To expand our market offering I have needed to make significant investments in both technology and people. This is an expensive process, so the funds we get back from HMRC are vitally important. “Now, I can’t imagine tackling a R&D Tax Credit claim without help from The MPA Group – a real specialist in this area! Using MPA’s experience and its analysts’ engineering industry knowledge is an ideal solution that helps us formulate a successful claim. The R&D Tax Credit scheme is making a big difference to our business, and I intend to ensure this is the case year after year by always choosing to work with MPA!”

Paul Dean, managing director, A&J Designs,

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