Digital Reality: Tyre modelling, augmented reality and Industry 4.0

MPA was proud to sponsor Silverstone Technology Cluster’s first ever Computer-Aided Engineering SIG event, Digital Reality. This recently-formed SIG champions end-to-end digital Engineering, and brings together experts in the field to to share best practice, discuss the latest in software and hardware advances, sector-wide issues and kick-start collaborative bids.


The evening started with a presentation from Nick Trevorrow, from Wirth Research. Trevorrow looked at their development of a whole system tyre modelling (MuRiTyre) and simulation package, part of their suite of race engineering software tools. MuRiTyre is a ‘thermo-mechanical tyre model for use in simulators or simulations.’ As tyre pressure is a critical factor in the behaviour of tyres while racing, Wirth’s development allows key data to be captured and used to inform decisions around tyre choice and use on racing cars. Trevorrow’s presentation led the group through the evolution of tyre modelling, citing IndyCar and F1 cars from 2003, where the models lent heavily on empirical data. Present data, by contrast, places far more emphasis on the actual physical measurement of both wheel, car and track.

The second presentation explored the input computer-aided modelling had on the successful return of the Ford GT to endurance racing, particularly their win at the 2016 24 hours of Le Mann, exactly 50 years after Ford’s historic 1-2-3 finish in the same race. Work here included the computer aided redesign of the entire carbon chassis and transfer of aerospace materials into a sports car.

Finally, Dr John Erkoyuncu from Cranfield University shed light on current developments in augmented and virtual reality systems, focusing on the impact augmented reality could have on the high-performance maintenance sector. Erkoyuncu also outlined a range of emerging technology sectors from predictive analytics, through cyber secure manufacturing to Industry 4.0.

MPA would like to thank the Silverstone Technology Cluster for hosting this event, and for giving us the opportunity to be involved.

Stuart Bentley, Senior Analyst at MPA

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