New Dyson technology campus will create “world class products and jobs”

Dyson, a shining example of a UK business that’s right at the forefront of innovation through research & development, has announced plans to create more high-skilled jobs and advance its R&D activities with the construction of a second technology campus in the Cotswolds.

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MPA’s view

Successful businesses invest in their future. It’s great news that Dyson has committed to investing so much into growing its business in the UK with a further significant investment in its R&D. While most businesses’ investment decisions may not attract such wide publicity, it’s true to say that most companies do invest in developing products and services that meet the ever-advancing needs of their clients. In many cases this work, while not thought of as R&D, will often qualify for the UK’s R&D tax credit scheme. Due to the low corporation tax, current value of sterling, and the R&D tax relief scheme, the UK is a great place for businesses to do research and be rewarded for it.

Steven Garrod, MPA Director

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