Turning a loss into a gain

Companies of all sizes report a loss from time to time. This can result from a number of factors, including making strategic investments in research and development-related activities.

But, if you thought a loss means your business can’t benefit from R&D tax relief – then think again.

Mike Price, director at The MPA Group, explains:

“To be clear, reporting a loss does NOT prevent a businesses from making an R&D tax credit claim. A loss-making SME can recoup up to 33.35% of its R&D expenditure via the tax credit scheme – a significant boost for any company, and in fact a higher proportion of R&D expenditure than a profit-making business could claim for! A successful claim can release a cash injection into your business after your accounting year end, allowing you to continue with the investment that’s vital to facilitate growth.”

How we can help

MPA works with businesses to enable them to claim the R&D tax credits they are entitled to. We employ experts who know what does and does not qualify under the scheme’s rules, generate compelling claim submissions and stand alongside our clients throughout the entire claims process.

Most importantly, MPA has a proven track record in assisting large and SME businesses optimise their claim so they can derive the maximum tax benefit from their research and development investment and activity.

Contact MPA

Making a loss does not have to be a barrier to a successful R&D tax credit claim, get in touch and we will show you how.