Wearers of Nike’s latest trainers can untie laces using Siri

Nike is tying up with Siri to allow owners of its new shoes to untie the laces using their voice.

The company’s latest take on futuristic wearable technology has been embedded into its revamped Huaraches trainers.

Users can tell the Apple virtual assistant, “Siri, release my shoes” through the Apple Watch or iPhone, via the Nike Adapt app.

Nike’s FitAdapt lacing system uses a midfoot motor to carry out the lacing process for wearers, which has previously been used on other trainers such as the Nike Adapt BB.

Nike said: “The latest iteration of FitAdapt allows for a wider array of personal preferences amid various environments and situations — a key revolution given the multi-purpose nature of contemporary lifestyle footwear.”

The accompanying app allows people to customise the colour of LED lights situated on the bottom of the shoe, with the option to choose preset options and create custom fit and light combinations.

Prices have not been confirmed yet, but the Nike Adapt BB trainers featuring similar technology went on sale for more than £300.

The Adapt Huaraches trainers will be available from September 13 at select retailers, as well as through the SNEAKRS app.

Innovation within the retail sector is increasing and the trainer industry is no exception, with new technological advancements been added to footwear like LED lights and now the possibility to untie the laces using voice control.

Nike’s advancement into this technology to meet the ever-growing needs of consumers is fundamental in their aim to stay ahead of competition; a strategy that many other business are seeing the benefit in adopting. Investing in research and development is putting businesses ahead within their markets and with the ability to claim back some of the spend through the R&D Tax Credit scheme, it is worrying that more companies are not taking advantage of these government incentives.

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